Rising Child Obesity Graphs

Rising Child Obesity Graphs

Face it, poor eating habits and lack of exercise are the main culprits in the rising child obesity graphs even though technology has certainly had an influence on the situation,.The child obesity epidemic has many parents and authorities concerned today as more and more children have become overweight. As more children are being raised overweight, the propensity for their children to be overweight increases as one generation passes bad habits down to the next. The only way for the child obesity graphs to change direction is for parents to take a look at their own eating and exercise habits and make some changes and include their children in the process so that the entire family ends up healthier thus passing these habits on to future generations.

How to Change the Child Obesity Graphs

It is easy to blame the outrageous varieties of video games, computer games and internet entertainment choices as the source of the rising child obesity graphs because then no one really has to take responsibility for changing and creating solutions. For instance, studies have shown that children who are not monitored and allowed to play these games for hours at a time and are not encouraged to go outside and play or become involved in sport activities are the ones that are at a higher risk for child obesity. In addition, staying indoors all day also puts these children in easy reach of food so that snacking becomes a problem and proper diet and nutrition is not maintained.

But really it is not the technology''s fault that these children are sitting for hours at a time without exercising; it is the parent''s fault for not doing their job and getting these kids outside. In order to lower the child obesity graphs does not require that children not enjoy these indoor activities as well, but they must be monitored so that exercise can be gained through other outdoor or sport activities.

Parents must also provide a healthy example for their children of good eating habits and exercise by involving their children in their exercise as often as possible and also planning family activities that are fun and provide a release of energy.

All of these ideas can help turn the child obesity graphs in the right direction and in turn create healthy habits for a lifetime. Understand that there are a few cases of child obesity that are due to other health issues so it is wise to consult a doctor when there seems to be a problem with a child''s weight. The doctor can then determine whether the issue is a hormonal imbalance or a disease that is affecting affecting metabolism. But the actual number of these situations are not the ones that have created the sharp rise in the child obesity graphs it is the lifestyle choices that more and more people are adopting that have caused it. And yes it is a choice.

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