Does Phentermine Work?Margaret“In my twenties I

Does Phentermine Work?Margaret“In my twenties I
Does Phentermine Work?


“In my twenties I gained all of my weight. After giving birth to children it got worse. I had lost control of my eating; I would eat what ever I wanted whenever I wanted, without any thought! I remember sitting in my bathroom crying as I was just so unhappy. But I would again, the next day, EAT something just for the comfort of it.

In October 2006 I had an awakening. I began on a Phen programme and began to exercise. I labored for the first few months. My weight was lowering on the scale, but I wasn''t feeling it in my clothing. I stuck with it and boy am I happy I did!

Since October I have consumed 1200/1300 calories a day. I exercise four to five days of the week, and drink pints of water. This is the very BEST thing I have ever accomplished for myself.”


I was fat! I had tried so many weight loss regimes, Xenical, Slimfast and The Miracle Diet. The list is endless. I would lose some weight, only to gain that weight back and more. Last year, in November, I became ill with an acute gallbladder attack and was immediately scheduled for surgery. When my physician informed me I might be too large to have the laparoscopic procedure I realized I had to make a serious decision about my weight. I eventually had the laparoscopic surgery, fortunately with no complications, but after having being told that I might too big to undergo an operation I appreciated just how big I was. I began using Phentermine after visiting and seeing a friend of mine who was using Pentermine lose a great deal of weight.

I have experienced no severe side affects and have been using his product since March.. To date, I have reached my goal weight and surpassed it. I have lost in total 97 lbs. That is approximately 14 lbs a month, and I didn''t have to exercise so much. I am ecstatic needless to say. My size shrank from a 22W to a 11/12JR and I feel fabulous. If anyone out there has fought the weight loss battle please, I beg you, try this product. I am proof that it works!


I lost more than 120 pounds when I taking Phentermine, during a 6 months period. I paid attention to what I ate and got regular exercise. It really helped me and curbed my appetite while giving me the energy that I believed was gone for ever. I can highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to take their LIFE back but has a hard time losing weight. I was taking medication for high blood pressure for more than 10 years. But I no longer need to take them. My blood pressure is GREAT now that I have lost the weight. I''m feeling better at 38 than I ever did at 28.


I was never over weight when I was growing up and I was actually athletic and very fit. I gained more than 100 pounds after the birth of my first child. It took ma a year to work that weight off, without the use of Phentermine. After my second child I again gained weight. But I managed to lose half of it. When my third baby came along I gained an additional 110 pounds. I didn’t it coming. But suddenly, I weighed 299.8 pounds, and I definitely wasn’t feeling athletic. I then joined the Weight Watchers program as I could not find a doctor that believed I needed to use Phentermine or any supplementary weight loss aid. I struggled with Weight Watchers and lost 90 pounds. But I couldn’t lose any more weight and began yo-yoing. I then read a book that described my eating habits perfectly and I began to stick to the book’s theory about carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods. Well ... It began to work, but I couldn’t resist my cravings, and would eventually lapse back. I knew this particular diet plan would work for me, but I didn’t know how to get past my craving for sugar. This was not about willpower any longer. Then a friend enlightened me about Phentermine. And I went and bought some. Since then I have followed my food plan with no cravings and I have a huge amount of energy, so I am now exercising the same way I did years ago!


I have always suffered with a weight problem. I have been distressed with my looks for as long as I can remember and I have tried every diet available. I even spoke to my doctor about Gastric Bypass surgery, which was approved by my insurance; all I needed to do was show up for the operation. But at the last minute I chickened out! I then joined a weight loss center that offered weight loss drugs and the assistance of a doctor. I joined on June 6, 2002 and I really had a purpose. I started using Phentermine lost weight almost immediately. It was really awesome!
I lost 115 lbs in a year, by always watching what I ate, a regular exercise program and cutting out supper. With Phentermine I never got hungry and often had to make myself eat regularly. I was irritable, yes, but I will put up with that over being fat for the rest of my life. I stopped taking Phentermine as I got a tummy tuck this June. As soon as I stopped it I became hungry all the time again and gained back 30 lbs so I started again this past Saturday but lost 6lbs in less than a week. S I am a BIG fan of Phentermine and I have seen for myself that it works.


I started taking Phentermine in Feburary, it is now June, and my weight at the my start weight was 278 pounds I weighed again on 31st March at 258lbs and on 12 May at 240lbs. Now on 9 June I have not weighed myself for almost a month. One of my major downfalls in the past has been weighing myself daily and still expecting results. Although I haven’t weighed I know I have lost more as I fit into smaller pants nearly every week. I don’t excersise in an organized way, but this medication lets me form healthier eating habits and stick to them. I do limit my colorie intake and eat the correct food to sustain my metabolism. The people in my life are noticing my weight loss and are asking me how I do it. I’m always honest about taking something to help me but I am sure to tell them that the pill isn’t a cure all and I have had to change my eating habits dramatically also. I am very happy my achievement and will recommend it to people who don’t live in a fantasy world where they expect a pill can do all the work. I estimate that I have lost about 60 pounds in four months...that is about 15 pounds a month or 3.75 pounds per week. I really am enjoying my life, and food is no longer like an addiction, I don’t feel like everything revolves around food, whereas before I did.


I know a few women who use this diet pill and apparently it worked brilliantly for them; I have tried them a few times but they made no difference to my appetite. I don''t understand why Phentermine works for everyone but me.

Big Mack

Big Mack

I lead a very sedentary lifestyle now, but am an ex-pro athlete. I spend lots of time traveling, eating out most every night and ordering room service. I started out at 5''8" and 249 pounds and have lost 43 pounds in just 4 months. I went off Phentermine for a month during the holidays but only gained back 1.6 pounds. I have made minor adjustments to my diet and have laid off soda and sweets a I am also more aware, and take the stairs instead the elevator, that kind of thing. If I can do this anyone can! Phentermine is the closest thing to a miracle drug I have ever found. I feel 100% better and have 1- lost 6 inches around my waist. I have another 25 more pounds and I reach my goal weight.

Porter B

I have used Phentermine several times over the years, to lose weight. It always works very well for me. It is the only diet drug I trust. I have encountered any serious side effects from the drug.


After I stopped dancing in 2002 I have taken Phentermine, on for 8 months off for 4 and find it really work for me. You do have to watch yourself when you go off them because you can gain the weight back. But if you work out a few days a week, you can keep the weight off using a fat burner. The first time I used Phentermine I lost 20 lbs and went 115lbs. But you have to take care cause you can get addicted to them.


I used Phentermine in 2001 to 2002 and it helped me lose 60 pounds, and maintain my weight until I became pregnant. It made me feel great when I used this pill and also helped me look great. This is why I''m here again and ready to go back on it. I can highly recommend this to other people with severe weight problems. But I also advise that you use a multi-vitamin and if you suffer insomnia have your doctor prescribe ambien it is safe to use them together.


I started taking 3.75mg of Phentermine on 1 July 2006 and it began working the same day, I just wasn''t hungry. I even had to force myself to eat. I did exercise too and that helped.


A friend on mine took Phentermine. She lost weight but was really very nasty and constantly cleaning everything. After a few weeks it stopped working for her so she gave up on it completely.

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