Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease which is also called periodontitis is the other name for gum disease. This is a bacterial infection which destroys all the supporting structures which hold the teeth. The bacterial infection may have caused damage to the gums before starting to attack other parts of the mouth. The disease needs to be treated as early as possible or it can lead to receding gums and other problems. The treatment that is initiated for overcoming this is called as the periodontal disease treatment.

The primary reason for the treatment of the gums and the diseases of the gums is to make sure that the infection does not spread. The periodontal disease treatment can be through various methods. Prevention is the best method, but when the disease has occurred, the treatment can be initiated with Laser therapy. In this method, the gums are treated by removing the bacteria that are stuck to the surface of the teeth. Though this is a simple method of treatment, there is a problem and that is the high cost of the treatment.

The other method that can be used in the periodontal disease treatment, is one in which the dentist removes the plaque that is present on the teeth. Two most important treatments that the dentist can do to treat the gum disease include scaling of the teeth and root planning. The scaling involves the removal of the plaque or tartar from the surface of the teeth. The dentist will manually scrape off all the tartar, thus ensuring that the bacteria are all removed.

The periodontist who is a specialist in the treatment of gums and gum problems may be the person who is involved in the periodontal disease treatment, though a regular dentist may also treat problems of the gum. Other than scaling, root planning is also an important periodontal disease treatment. In this, the gums that have rough spots are cleaned and the rough spots are all removed.

Medications are also a part of the periodontal disease treatment. Medications that relieve the pain associated with gum disease and also medications that reduce the swelling are given. This helps to prevent the patient from suffering because of the disease.

The other methods that can be used in periodontal disease treatment are flap surgeries and grafts of the bone or other soft tissue. This becomes necessary in very severe cases of periodontal disease, where the gums are damaged beyond the scope of conservative periodontal disease treatment. In these, the flaps are used to strengthen the areas where the gums have been lost due to the periodontitis.

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