Double Coil

Double Coil

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Is there such thing as a double coil humbucking EMG pick-up for a Telecaster?

I found a single coil for telecaster but i can’t find a double coil. If you know where can you please post the link?

Put your headphones on and listen to this song and you’ll get high!

Actually all of his music will get you high ;D
Frontliner – Tuuduu
or Time
or Sunblast

you’ll love it! I’m a hardstyler, and you’ll become one too after listening to hardstyle

Let me know what you think

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Gibson Dirty Finger Humbucker, Double Black Coil


Gibson’s Gear division offers the extreme-output Dirty Fingers™ bridge pickups as replacement units that will max out the attitude factor on any electric guitar. Once described in Gibson Guitar literature as “The critical union between power and dirt,” the Dirty FingersT has returned after a 20-year silence on the Tom DeLonge Signature model. DeLonge, frontman for alt-punk group blink-182, was g…

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